Uncapping Family Wisdom

Hayakawa Prize 2012 Winner Announced

The Institute of General Semantics is pleased to announce that its judges have selected Uncapping Family Wisdom: Recognizing, Treating, and Reconciling Transgenerational Dysfunction by Sandra S. Pate as the winner of the 2012 Samuel I. Hayakawa Book Prize.

The Hayakawa Book Prize goes to the most outstanding work published in the past five years on topics of direct relevance to the discipline of general semantics, and includes a cash award of $1,000.

The Hayakawa Prize will be presented to Sandra S. Pate at the Language and Symbol Use in Politics and Other Arenas symposium on October 26-28, 2012, at the Princeton Club in New York City. Uncapping Family Wisdom: Recognizing, Treating, and Reconciling Transgenerational Dysfunction is published by Phillip Monroe Publishing and is available for purchase from


For families shouldering problems from past generations, Uncapping Family Wisdom promises to provide some powerful insights and help.
– Bill O’Hanlon, Oprah featured guest and author of Do One Thing Different, Change 101: A Practical Guide to Creating Change in Life or Therapy and Quick Steps to Resolving Trauma

After building a new 15,000 sq. ft. shelter for women and children, two years were spent in an attempt to develop programs to effectively address the needs of our client base without any real success. We were, frankly, overwhelmed by the complexity of needs that were present. Sandra Pate was approached to assist us, and the implementation of her program provided us with an intentional systematic process for addressing presenting needs. The program was insightful, well thought out and addressed the needs of our client base at their roots.
– Paul Stevens, Former Executive Director, Union Rescue Mission

Sandra Pate expertly incorporates the proven principles of general semantics together with theories of psychological development, family systems, human communication, linguistics, and more, to form a seamless, sound, and optimistic approach to counseling and therapy. Uncapping Family Wisdom appropriately brings an interdisciplinary approach to bear on trauma and psychological issues that are properly understood as residing not just in the individual, but in the family as a whole; not just in the family at a particular point in time, but in families as they exist across generations. This perspective is needed now more than ever, as we face challenges on a global scale of increasing environmental, economic, and political stresses, as well as the social and psychological pressures of our age.
– Lance A. Strate, Ph.D., Professor of Communications and Media Studies, Fordham University, and Executive Director, Institute for General Semantics

Always striving to extend the reach of clinical methodology, Sandra Pate is a real asset to her profession.
– Ted Parkhurst, President, Parkhurst Brothers, Inc., Publishers

I am confident that many NACSW members will find Uncapping Family Wisdom useful in their work.
– Rick Chamiec-Case, Ph.D., MSW, MAR, Executive Director, NACSW

Struggling through life experiences involving violence and watching others struggle in life with the same violence, this program helped me realize that I have a personal role in the impact that violence has on a family. I realize that overcoming makes me my best as a mother and a friend. After completing the Uncapping Family Wisdom program, I felt driven to pursue a career in court reporting.
– Nevia Gallien, Program Graduate